Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2014 Sephora VIB Welcome Kit Unveiled

Sephora VIB Welcome Kit!

Hidy ho! One of my most visited posts was reviewing the VIB welcome kit in 2012. That must mean y'all like to learn about it! I just re-qualified last week while at a JCP Sephora. I'm excited to learn that dollars spent at JCP now qualify towards VIB status. (They didn't used to.)

{In case you're dying to know - in order to qualify, I snatched Ole Henriksen's Sheer Transformation and Bare Minerals' Exfoliating Powder Cleanser while getting a makeover for a wedding. I started my #100DaysofEmpties challenge over on my IG with the Sheer Transformation review. Check it out!}

First obvious difference from 2012 - no physical kit*. (With a janky mirror that won't open). It's all e-mail and coupon codes now. Not bad - less waste, and you don't have to keep track of little paper rectangles. Just show the email in the store. At the bottom of the email there are directions for Sephora associates on how to process the coupons.

*Note - I am a) requalifying, not a new VIB and b) I was not in a free standing store. So, there may be a card given to new VIBs or folks who re-qualify or newly qualify in a free standing location (not JCP).

Note that I didn't get re-qualified for an entire calendar year but until the end of 2015 - 16 whole months! That's nice!

Same as last year - 10% off next order for 30 days and free shipping coupon code for 60 days. I really love the latter, because sometimes you just want something for $25 + 3 free samples (& to maybe use 100 or 500 points for a perk) without having to add stuff in there to get it to $50. Paying for shipping makes me curl up in the corner, weeping; so anything to avoid it is prime. 

The 10% off one - smarter to save for an over $50 order, but do it quick. With the 100 day challenge in play, I may have to spend some (breaking my rules) to not lose the coupons. But if I promise to not use it until I use the equivalent # of empties, will y'all give me permission?? Please?! K. Thanks. :)

Free makeover (normally $50 of product purchased for VIBs, or free for VIB Rouge). And you can put your VIB card on your Passbook on the iPhone for easy scanning at check out.

I've never used this, but there's an 877 number for a free beauty concierge. And after personalizing my VIB account on Sephora.com, it recommends products for me. I've never really bought anything recommended. I already have a hard enough not buying everything other bloggers favorably review. I gotta draw the line somewhere.

Here's the fine print on how to earn points, to re-qualify, etc (in case you were wondering). 

Now if I can just rein it in on my spending and not blow it out with these coupons! #100DaysofEmpties, please help a sister (and her wallet) out.

Hope this helps! What are you most excited about??


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