Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Sephora VIB Welcome Kit Unveiled

The Sephora VIB Welcome Kit Unveiled

So... I'm a dork, and I love to ask and answer questions over at Sephora's Beauty Talk. I'm currently a "Beauty Buff" which basically means... well, nothing. BUT I like sharing my fave products (surprised?). Anyways, I see a lot of curiosity about the new VIB welcome kit on the forum. I've been VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider) for about 3 years and have never had a special card or received a welcome kit.  Until today! I was so stoked I thought I'd share my unveiling with y'all!

P.S. If you've re-qualified recently but didn't get anything, just walk into your nearest Sephora, and they'll give you one. 

To become a VIB member, you must spend $350 per year (um... easy peasy!!). In the past there wasn't a kit or special card, just an increase in emails with coupons and invites to special closed store events (that I never found time for). However, they've definitely improved the specials offered to VIBs first (normally a few days to a week before the normal Beauty Insiders get their emails). 

The new kit includes the following:

  • VIB membership rewards card
  • 10% off  coupon
  • 45 minute makeup session with a Beauty Advisor
  • VIB gift - mirror compact
  • Free shipping coupon
Reward card on the left and special gift on the right.

The Card:
Open the kit (like a book) and this is in the first fold.
It's plastic, silver and simple. On the back (sorry... I didn't think to take a picture of it) it says:

Then you fold it open one more time, and...

There are 2 cards w/ benefits:

First, we have the classic VIB 10% off your next purchase. You probably can't read what it says before SEPHORA. "*WITHIN 90 DAYS OF V.I.B. QUALIFICATION." 

Promo code to use online is on the back if you don't plan to use it in the store.

Next we have the VIB Private Access 45-Minute Dedicated Makeover Session with an Expert Beauty Advisor*

(And, again, "*Within 90 days of V.I.B. Qualification")

To the right is the "gift." It's a compact mirror. I'm sad to say this was a huge let down. First of all, I don't need another mirror. I have random ones from stores and companies that give them as swag and even an engraved one from a wedding I was in at some point. I never use them. Do you??

To make it worst, I couldn't open it. Seriously. I had to ask my husband to after it messed up the polish on my thumb nail. (And that's probably what did it in - mess up my nails and we're no longer friends).

If I could open it without my husband's assistance I might use it at some point... maybe to look at the back of my hair?

The one good thing about the mirror was when you pulled it out it revealed the last coupon, and my personal favorite:

VIB Free Shipping at
Yeah!!! I love to shop the website for the online exclusive deals and Lorac products they stopped carrying in store, so this is perfect. I can actually spend less than $50 and not feel guilty.

 So, are you close to VIB? Do you have more than 350 points in your Beauty Bank and aren't sure? I wasn't sure recently if I had qualified this year, so I just called the 877 # listed above, and they quickly told me I only had to spend $14 more dollars to qualify. I made sure to rectify that immediately! :)

Other than the benefits mentioned so far, what other benefits have you seen as a VIB member? Share the wealth!

---------8/21/13 note: I just requalified for VIB for another year, and the new kit comes with all that is mentioned above minus the mirror. Guess they learned!---------


  1. I have been a VIB for 2 years, just reupped today and was offered the welcome kit. I'm with you on the compact. When you buy a gift card it comes in one of those and I had a a heck of a time trying to get it open, too. I never use these things (because I have a bunch in random things with actual makeup in them), but even if I did, this wouldn't be my first, second or third choice :)

    1. I hear ya! After I did some alterations (involving a fingernail file and cuticle clipper) I actually got it to work pretty well, and surprisingly, I use it to look at the back of my hair in my bathroom! :) P.S. Congrats on becoming VIB again! I just did the other day - but no mirror this time. :)